Brickwork conservation, restoration and structural repairs

Sarrazin Construction specialise in brickwork conservation, restoration, structural repairs and alterations to all types of listed and non listed brick buildings and structures. We undertake work on historic and modern houses, churches, barn conversions, boundary walls, bridges and tunnels. As a specialist with over 30 years experience we use both traditional and modern methods and materials where appropriate to carry out brickwork restoration and repairs.

Based in Cheshire we work across the UK for property owners, their professional advisors and as a specialist subcontractor to building and civil engineering companies. We get involved in contracts of all sizes and our work varies from replacing a single brick right through to large scale complex projects.

Recent brickwork restoration projects

Brick arch repairs to a 19th century coach house | Sarrazin Construction, Cheshire.

Brick arch repairs to a 19th century coach house

Two segmental brick arches above a window and door opening to a stable block and coach house built in approx 1868 were suffering from structural distress…

Lime repointing to a listed boundary wall | Sarrazin Construction, Cheshire.

Lime repointing to a listed boundary wall

The Stockport armoury was designed by Henry Bowman as the headquarters of the 4th Cheshire rifle volunteers in 1862 and it is now a grade (ii) listed building…

Reconstruction of a retaining wall | Sarrazin Construction, Cheshire.

Reconstruction of a retaining wall

A section of a brick retaining wall between a car park for an apartment block and a garden area to a private house was showing signs of severe structural distress…

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Our range of services

  • Heritage brickwork conservation, restoration and structural repair
  • Invasive and non invasive investigations, mortar analysis, brick matching and trial works
  • Lime repointing
  • Damaged brick replacement
  • Brickwork dismantling and reconstruction
  • Wall consolidation, stabilisation, grouting, crack stitching and restraint systems
  • Lintel replacement
  • Structural wall removal and alterations
  • Window and door openings formed, enlarged and built up
  • Chimney stack repairs and reconstruction
  • Temporary propping and shoring
  • Brickwork cleaning

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Five avoidable common causes of damage to brickwork (part two)

Five avoidable common causes of damage to brickwork (part two)

10th October 2019

Follow up post on corrosion of embedded metal work, inappropriate cleaning and inappropriate repairs/maintenance.

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