Brick arch repairs to a 19th century coach house

About this project

Client: Mr. J Malam

Location: Frodsham

Two segmental brick arches above a window and door opening to a stable block and coach house built in approx 1868 were suffering from structural distress. Some of the brick voussoirs from the window arch had actually fallen out.

The arch above the window was the worst affected and needed to be completely rebuilt. The remainder of the existing arch was dismantled and a temporary timber turning piece of the correct rise was made and installed. The brick arch was then rebuilt using new matching  bricks ‘Cheshire old commons’ because the existing bricks were too badly damaged to be reused. The bricks were laid and pointed in a lime based mortar using a flush joint that was, when suitably set, beaten using a stiff bristle churn brush to expose the aggregate in the mortar to give an open textured slightly recessed finish which  matched the existing weathered mortar joints.

The arch over the door was in better condition, although it had dropped slightly causing cracking to the brickwork joints above. This cracking was stabilised by using 8mm diameter stainless steel helical rods fixed into three bed joints above the arch using a non shrink thixotropic cementitious grout. The mortar joints to the arch and brickwork above were deeply raked out and repointed using the same technique as above.

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