Brick replacement and repointing to an apartment block and boundary wall

About this project

Main Contractor: Mainlink Maintenance Ltd.

Client: Redwing

Location: Waterloo, Liverpool

As part of a planned maintenance program, the client required the replacement of spalled bricks and repointing to a three storey apartment block and large boundary wall. Some additional brickwork repairs included the replacement of two lintels and the lowering and capping of two chimney stacks to the apartment block.

Brick replacement

The work consisted of carefully cutting out the defective bricks and replacing them using new matching bricks laid in a lime based mortar. The bricks were matched to the existing ones in both appearance and physical properties and although the new unweathered bricks contrast a little to the existing weathered ones they will weather-in sympathetically over time (as recommended by Historic England).

In total 443 bricks were replaced to the apartment block and 261 bricks replaced to the boundary wall.


The work consisted of raking out and repointing the boundary wall in a black coloured lime based mortar using a weather struck joint. The apartment block was also raked out and repointed using a natural coloured mortar to the common brick elevations and a red coloured mortar to the smooth red brick elevations, both again finished with a weather struck joint.

In total 221m2 of repointing was carried out to the apartment block and 149m2 to the boundary wall.

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