Brickwork repair and lintel replacement

About this project

Client: Mr. D. Kay

Location: Windle

This house which was built using cavity wall construction had previously had two lintels replaced to the rear elevation by a builder. The builder obviously struggled with this type of work. The wrong size and type of Lintel had been installed and the quality of the replacement brickwork, especially to the soldier course, was very poor with tilting bricks and mortar staining to the brick faces.

The building was also suffering from bulging of the outer leaf brickwork under the ground floor windows to the rear elevation.

Lintel replacement

The brickwork above the two badly rebuilt lintels was temporarily propped using adjustable steel (acrow) props fitted with strongboy heads. The brick soldier course and lintels were then carefully removed.

New 100mm x 100mm x 8mm thick galvanised steel angle iron lintels were installed and new  damp proof course (dpc) cavity trays fitted before the soldier courses were rebuilt using new matching bricks. Cavity weep vents were also installed above the lintels as required.

Brickwork repair

The brickwork above the ground floor window sills along with the windows were temporarily propped prior to the bulging outer leaf brickwork below being carefully demolished. The bricks, where possible, were saved and cleaned for reuse. The wall was rebuilt to the correct line and level using the existing bricks and new matching bricks as required in a sand/cement mortar. A new damp proof course (dpc) was installed and new stainless steel cavity wall ties were resin fixed into the inner leaf blockwork and built into the outer leaf brickwork as the work proceeded.

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