Building up of a window opening

About this project

Location: St. Helens

The client, as part of a renovation to his house, required a window opening to be built up. A nearby door opening had previously been built up several years ago but the concrete lintel above the door had been left in place and faced up to try and match the bricks, this was also required to be removed and replaced in brickwork along with the removal of an extractor fan vent.

The outer leaf of the cavity wall was propped using temporary adjustable steel (Acrow) props fitted with Strongboy heads. 

The existing window along with the concrete lintel above the window was removed and the brickwork either side of the opening toothed out ready to receive the new brickwork. The closer brickwork to the window reveals was cut out to maintain a clear cavity. This was to prevent dampness striking through the outer leaf of brickwork to the interior of the property. The opening was then built up in new cavity brickwork tied together with stainless steel cavity wall ties. New matching bricks were used externally and the brickwork built  to the correct line and level in a sand/lime/cement mortar. On completion, the mortar joints were raked out ready to be repointed along with the existing brickwork.

The same works were also carried out to the lintel above the rebuilt door and the extractor fan vent.

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