Lime repointing to a listed boundary wall

About this project

Location: Stockport Armoury, Stockport

The Stockport armoury was designed by Henry Bowman as the headquarters of the 4th Cheshire rifle volunteers in 1862 and it is now a grade (ii) listed building. As part of a planned maintenance program, repairs to the boundary wall (which is included in the listed status) were undertaken. These works included the removal of a cement based mortar that had incorrectly been used previously to repoint the wall. This hard impermeable mortar was trapping moisture in the wall and accelerating the deterioration of the brickwork. Once this mortar had been carefully removed using hand tools it was repointed using a lime based mortar which allows the wall to breathe. The repointing was finished with a flush joint which, when suitably set, was beaten with a churn brush to expose some of the aggregate in the mortar to give a natural weathered appearance.

Spalled bricks had previously been ‘mortared up’ with a hard impermeable cement based mortar which was not only visually disfiguring but was also damaging the adjacent brickwork, causing it to deteriorate at an increased rate.

Prior to the repointing works, the mortared up bricks were carefully removed and replaced with new matching bricks. The new bricks were selected to match the existing un-weathered brick faces, not the weathered faces, this will allow them to weather in sympathetically over time.

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