Lintel replacement

About this project

Location: St. Helens

The client was inspecting a flat roof to his property prior to undertaking re-roofing works when he noticed severe cracking and sagging of brickwork.

We carried out ‘opening up works’ around the area of the displaced brickwork and determined that the brickwork displacement  was caused by a completely decayed timber lintel to the outer leaf of the wall which was causing the brickwork above to become unsupported.

The defective lintel, along with the sagging brickwork above, was carefully removed and a new pre-cast concrete lintel inserted along with a new damp proof course (dpc) cavity tray and weep vents.The brickwork was then rebuilt to the correct line and level using new matching bricks which were tightly packed up to the existing brickwork.

A temporary flashing was then installed to keep the building watertight until the re-roofing works were undertaken.

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