Reconstruction of a retaining wall

About this project

Main Contractor: Mainlink Maintenance Ltd.

Client: Redwing

Structural Engineer: Carr Faulkner Associates

Location: Birkdale

A section of a brick retaining wall between a car park for an apartment block and the garden area to a private house was showing signs of severe structural distress.

The wall was 6.6m long by 2.5m high of which 1.8m was retaining the car park. Investigations showed that the existing wall was constructed of brickwork 225mm thick and founded on a stepped brick footing approx 400mm below ground level. It was determined that the existing wall needed to be demolished and a new foundation and wall constructed.

Temporary metal sheet piling was installed where the existing retaining wall was removed to prevent that section of the car park from collapsing into the garden area whilst the new retaining wall was being constructed.

A new reinforced concrete foundation and a concrete grouted cavity retaining wall was constructed to the engineer’s specification. The wall was constructed of new matching facing bricks with a red engineering brick damp proof course (dpc) detailing, built in a designation (i) mortar to the non retaining face of the wall. The retaining face of the wall was built in 100mm thick solid concrete block again using a designation (i) mortar. 

The existing coping bricks (of which there were three different styles) were saved, reused and bedded on a clay tile dpc to match the remaining sections of the wall. To relieve water pressure behind the wall a new land drain surrounded by a filler material was installed along with weep holes in the wall.

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