Repointing of stonework using non-hydraulic lime mortar to a grade (ii*) listed church

About this project

Location: Liverpool Diocese

The work consisted of repointing the internal stonework to the great tower (which was completed in 1570) as part of the refurbishment of the WC.

The stonework had previously been badly repointed using a hard impermeable cement based mortar which is totally unsuitable for a building of this construction and age.

The existing hard cement mortar was carefully removed using hand tools and then the stonework was repointed using a premixed fat lime mortar (non-hydraulic lime mortar). The mortar chosen was a ‘Cheshire’ mix supplied by Ty-mawr Lime Ltd. This coarse green-grey mortar was specifically chosen to match the original mortar in both colour and texture.

Prior to repointing, the stonework was dampened and the new mortar was then firmly pressed into the joints using pointing irons of the correct width. When the mortar was suitably set it was beaten using a stiff bristle churn brush to compact the mortar and expose the aggregate, giving an open grained textured finish. The repointing was then cherished (cured) for a period of five days.

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